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New NI Medical is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of whole body bioimpedance systems focusing on noninvasive assessment and monitoring of cardiovascular, respiratory, and fluid parameters. Our new management team is passionately dedicated to bringing innovative noninvasive medical products to market which can be used to improve patient outcomes and decrease cost of care.

Our company and products have received the following regulatory approvals / clearances:

        US FDA 510(k),

        European CE Mark,

        Canadian MDL,

        Japanese PMDA (Shonin)

        Israeli AMAR.

Our products are covered in the US Healthcare System by CPT Code 93701 and are eligible for Medicare and other 3rd Party reimbursement several ICD 9 Codes, including:

        428.0 – 428.9 Heart Failure,

        401.0 – 405.00 for Hypertension,

        V53.31 Pacemaker Adjustment

Since our products are noninvasive and easy to use, they are being used in a variety of healthcare setting from hospitals, to clinics, to physician offices, to patients homes. Additionally, they are being used in a variety of patients including: heart failure, hypertension, myocardial infarction, pacemaker, critically ill, as well as in patients before, during, and after surgery.

The New NI Medical Team thanks you for your interest in our company and products and looks forward to working with you to help improve patient outcomes and decrease cost of care!

Our Products
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Clinical Applications
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